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In 2009, researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered that the simple act of becoming relaxed has surprising health benefits. In addition to the obvious psychological effects of relieving stress and mental tension, they found that deep relaxation – including techniques such as meditation – if practiced regularly, can strengthen the immune system and produce a host of other medically valuable physiological changes. The Harvard researchers called these changes “the relaxation effect”, a phenomenon that could be just as powerful as any medical drug but without the side-effects.

Namaste | Nail Sanctuary is the first-and-only nail services concept intended to ignite and induce “the relaxation effect” while delivering experiential, artisanal nailcare.

needed, now more than ever before

The fact is, we live extremely busy, stressful lives and often, we simply can’t find the time to disconnect or decompress from our fast-paced ‘always on’ culture. Increasingly, there is a premium being placed on relaxation and “personal time” because both are in such short supply.

At NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY, the time that is devoted to routine nail care is dual-purposed: Guests can choose from a full range of conventional and artisanal nail care services, while immersing themselves in the wonderfully serene environments of our sanctuaries meticulously designed for relaxation and meditation.

why we've combined the necessity of nail services with the next big public health revolution - meditation

A common misconception is that meditation is a religious practice. It’s not. While it’s true that meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and that originally it was meant to help deepen the understanding of sacred and mystical forces of life, these days, meditation is a type of mind-body complementary medicine. It can help you manage symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, tension headaches, high blood pressure and more.

Our Look. Our Zen.

With a mission to create a nail sanctuary that’s an optimal environment for relaxation, our guests are to expect Zen architecture, soft lighting, stone fountains, serene colors, moss art and walls, relaxing audio, ultra-comfortable custom seating, privacy draping, personal flat screen TVs, noise-cancelling headphones, 3-zone air purification systems, and a variety of premium nail polish brands – all combined with ultra-hygienic nail care services and clean business practices. Additionally, our guests have the option to use our Deepak Chopra Dream Masters – audio and visual programming which use light and sound pulses at specified frequencies to help the user relax quickly and reach a variety of beneficial states of consciousness and relaxation, and our Cocoon – a dedicated meditation space for guests to begin or continue their state of relaxation.


The first NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY opened on March 19. It’s located on Ventura Boulevard in a prime section of Studio City, CA, which is part of Los Angeles County. The first Sanctuary, which is corporate-owned, is 1,520 square feet and includes The Cocoon, a Members-only meditation room.

the founders


  • Our meditation and relaxation-focused sanctuaries with ultra-hygienic protocols set Namaste | Nail Sanctuary apart from the thousands of indistinguishable, bright, loud, chaotic and unsanitary nail salons across the nation
  • The nail services industry continues to grow with $9 billion spent on nail services each year
  • The nail services industry is highly fragmented with no national brand leader… yet
  • Seventy-five percent of people experience moderate to high levels of stress, making the potential of a nail sanctuary that doubles as a simple, routine way to reduce the stress, tremendous
  • An average of $112 a month is spent on nail services
  • The necessity, frequency and amount spent on nail services each month fits perfectly with our monthly membership plans
  • Our 6-Point Real Estate Plan provides you with a wide variety of location types and effective location strategies
  • Our executive team has many decades of combined franchise and nail services experience

World Class Support

Real Estate

Finding the right location and negotiating the right terms is vital to your Sanctuary’s success. Our experienced team at NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY will provide you with support and guidance every step of the way, from territory demographics and site selection to the details of the desired lease terms. We’ve enlisted the help of an experienced Master Broker Team to assist in all the exciting stages of securing the site that will become your very own location.


As a NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY Franchisee, you’ll receive expert advice on Sanctuary layouts and décor specifications that will enable you, your architect and your contractor to zero in on the key requirements for transforming your empty space into our unique relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

The interior of your NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY is a vital component of our brand. To ensure consistency across the system, we’ve gone to great lengths to source all equipment and furniture to get your Sanctuary open and operating successfully. We have partnered with a single vendor for all of your Sanctuary furniture, fixture and equipment requirements.


You’ll reap the benefits of our team’s extensive experience creating successful business models and educating Franchisees on how to use them to reach their business goals. Your training will begin with your initial Franchise Training at our corporate headquarters, include on-site support as your Sanctuary prepares to open, and then continue on an ongoing basis through online training programs. We have an assortment of tools available to help ensure the success of your NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY and your team. Our comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual, Training Guides and a collection of training materials are available on our exclusive intranet platform.

Business Systems

From a pre-opening checklist and details on our signature services to guest service policies, sales-focused business processes and more, every aspect of your NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY location’s operation is addressed in our proprietary Franchise Operations Manual.

Your POS system not only allows you and your team to transact daily business but also comes with a robust library of reports, all geared towards helping you understand what’s working great in your Sanctuary and what could use some course correction.


We assist you with your marketing strategies and execution. We collaborate with you to create effective marketing plans with the goals of increasing both brand awareness in your community and the volume of traffic walking through your doors. As the Franchisor, we make sure that all of your marketing efforts are in line with our company goals and that they are designed to offer you the greatest chance for success.


Franchisee Criteria

NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY is the next great franchise opportunity in the nail services industry. We’re searching for entrepreneurs looking to get in on the ground floor, who are willing to work together with us as we build something ground breaking and life changing for everyone involved.

Prior business or management experience (not necessarily in salons or spas), coupled with personal financial qualifications, individual motivation, and the ability to follow a business model and work within established guidelines are all important characteristics of a qualified and successful Franchisee. It’s not all about a resume, though. Having a natural affinity and understanding of business and people along with a passion for our concept all go a long way towards making you an attractive candidate.

Financial Requirements

Depending on the number of locations you wish to open, you’ll need a minimum of $100,000 in cash or liquid assets plus a minimum net worth of $500,000 to qualify.

Initial Investment

Namaste Franchising, LLC awards franchises to qualified individuals meeting certain minimum requirements. The total investment range is $220,595 to $470,295 for a NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY location. This amount includes all costs* to open a NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY, including your franchise fee, real estate and build-out costs, FF&E requirements, grand opening marketing expenses and your first three months of operating expenses.

The cost to own your exclusive NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY territory as an Area Representative typically ranges from $72,250 to $181,250, depending on how many NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY locations can be supported in your territory.

Where do you want your
for Namaste to be?

Interested in becoming a NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY Franchisee or Area Representative? Ready to bring a NAMASTE | NAIL SANCTUARY to your community?

Click the button below and give us some basic information. We’ll promptly connect with you to help you understand the next steps to becoming our newest licensee! If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

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